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Using Great Lakes water the right way

In June of 2016, the Great Lakes Compact Council unanimously approved Waukesha’s application to borrow water from Lake Michigan and return the same amount used via the Root River.

As we embark on one of the most significant public works projects in the history of the state, our goal is to keep the citizens and communities who will be affected fully informed.

Check in often for the latest news and updates, and expect to find even greater detail in the dedicated website that will launch in early 2017.



Toilet Rebates Continue to Help Waukesha Conserve Water

Utility Announces Rebate for Efficient Shower Heads


Waukesha checks Root River health before Lake Michigan water diversion

Waukesha Water Utility Begins Root River Monitoring

Waukesha Begins Permitting & Planning of New Water Supply Project

Waukesha Water Utility Planning Kicks Off

Company Chosen to Manage Lake Michigan Project

Waukesha chooses manager for Lake Michigan water supply project

Request For Reconsideration of Water Approval is Unfounded

Utility Hires Firm to Avoid Unnecessary Cost on Lake Michigan Pipelines

Findings of Fact – Approval by the Great Lakes Compact Council

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