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Win-Win-Win: Water quality’s bright future.

We swim in it. We boat on it. We fish in it. Most important of all, we drink it to stay alive.

Without question, water is our most precious natural resource. And we all have an interest in safeguarding it for the generations that come after us.

So when the City of Waukesha received approval to transition from an unsustainable aquifer to Lake Michigan as its source of water, it naturally raised questions about the potential effects on our existing ecosystems.

Fortunately, moving water from Point A to Point B (and, in this case, back again to Point A) in the 21st Century is more carefully controlled. And the rigorous scientific vetting that informs our New Water Supply Program will result in a victory for not only the quality of the city’s water, but for the environmental future of the Great Lakes Basin.

Lake Michigan Wins: An amount equal to the water borrowed will be returned to the lake via the Root River, and additional groundwater will flow into the basin as the deep aquifer naturally recharges over time.

The Root River Wins: The treated water that will be returned to the lake is actually cleaner than the existing river, and low-flow periods that can hamper fish passage and spawning will be reduced.

Waukesha Wins: Safer, more sustainably sourced drinking water.

Our quality of life is inextricably tied to clean, abundant water. That’s something we will never lose sight of.

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