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Frequently Asked Questions about Waukesha’s Application
for Great Lakes Water

What caused the City of Waukesha to ask for permission to switch its water supply to Lake Michigan?

Q: Where is Waukesha and who lives there?
Q: Why does Waukesha need Great Lakes water?
Q: What caused the depletion of Waukesha’s water supply?
Q: Why wouldn’t Waukesha just install new treatment systems for its radium issue?
Q: Would more water conservation programs prevent the need for Great Lakes water?
Q: Will Waukesha use Lake Michigan water to fuel the development of new homes or businesses?

What impact will Waukesha's New Water Program have on the Great Lakes basin?

Q: Who will be selling water to Waukesha?
Q: Will the New Water Supply Program affect Great Lakes water levels?
Q: How is the volume of return flow managed?
Q: Who benefits now that Waukesha’s request has been approved?
Q: Is Waukesha a precedent for hundreds of additional diversions?
Q: How will Waukesha's New Water Program affect me?

What will the City of Waukesha's return flow mean for the Root River?

Q: Will Waukesha’s return flow harm water quality in the Root River?
Q: What will the impact be on fish in the Root River?
Q: Is there a risk of untreated or partially treated wastewater from Waukesha ending up in Lake Michigan or the Root River?
Q: Is it unusual for a municipality to discharge to a river?

Are there other important details I should know about?

Q: When is the project expected to be completed?
Q: Where will the pipeline be routed?
Q: How will the project be paid for, and will it affect my water bill?
Q: As a Waukesha resident, what changes can I expect with the new water?
Q: Will Waukesha residents still need their water softeners after the changeover?
Q: How will the new water taste?
Q: Where can I find more information about the program?

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