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Flushing Water Mains

Naturally occurring minerals, over time, settle around the inside edges of the city’s water main. The Utility reduces the sediment by systematically flushing the mains. During the fall and the spring water mains are opened in strategic areas so that the force of the water escaping the hydrants flushes the sediment out.

Because this flushing process “stirs up” the water in the main, customers may notice rusty colored water coming from their taps. The Utility advises you to run the taps in your house until the water runs clear, and to avoid doing laundry until the water is running clear.

The Utility posts notices in the local paper to remind you about the flushing seasons. Signs are place in the neighborhoods where the crews are flushing.

If the crews are flushing, it will be announced in the "Department Home” area of this website. The Utility’s Flushing Map is provided for your reference.

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