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Install Water Saving Devices

Conserving water in your home could save you over $115 annually in water charges and help protect your water resources.

Faucet Aerator
Household Sinks should be equipped with faucet aerators. Although it may not seem like much, a bathroom faucet can easily draw more than 2,500 gallons of water per year! Aerators conserve water by mixing air and water as the water leaves the spout. Aerators will not reduce the amount of water needed to fill a sink or pitcher, but will reduce the amount of water needed for rinsing. Aerators are easy to install and cost approximately $2 each.

Water Efficient Showerhead
Install water saving showerheads. An average 5-minute shower with a typical non-conserving showerhead sends approximately 40 gallons of fresh water down the drain and into the sewer. Water efficient shower heads provide a water savings of at least 44% compared to non-conserving shower heads. Water efficient showerheads cost approximately $12 and up.

Low Flow Toilet
Toilet flushing uses more water than any other household use! A typical non-conserving 5.5 gallon flush toilet (many of which are still in use) contaminates 13,000 gallons of fresh water per year to remove 165 gallons of body waste! An efficient low-flow toilet costs approximately $100. It will save you 41.2 gallons of water per day. If you don't have a Water efficient toilet, displace water in the tank with two half-gallon plastic jugs filled with pebbles.

Source: Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission and the Lake Michigan Federation (now the Alliance for the Great Lakes).

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